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👋 Welcome to the documentation site for the Cosmic headless CMS. In this site, find references to interact with the Cosmic API and available clients including methods to CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE content from your Buckets.

If you do not have a Cosmic account with a Bucket already set up, you will need to sign up and follow the steps to create a new Bucket. Create free account →


Cosmic provides a globally fast and secure content management system and API toolkit. Use our optimized CMS infrastructure to power content for your websites and apps. Focus on your app and business logic, not CMS infrastructure. Read customer stories to learn how modern development teams use Cosmic to rapidly scale their business goals.

Getting Started

We recommend getting started with one of the following guides:

Use Cases

What can you build with Cosmic? We provide the tools for content management and collaboration to build everything from simple websites, mobile apps, blogs to full-featured portals with personalized content and configurations.


The only limitation is your imagination.

See available Apps, Extensions, and how-to articles by active members of our community for more ideas.


These docs include the latest versions of each component:

  1. REST API (v2)
  2. GraphQL API (v3)
  3. NPM module (v4)
  4. CLI (v2)

They are all consistent with the latest REST API response format. If you need to use the old format, go to the v1 docs: See the changelog for a list of updates to the request and response formats.

To ensure backwards compatibility, we follow semantic versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) for our client libraries. See the SemVer website for more info.


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This site uses the Nextra static site generator which uses Next.js and MDX. It includes dark mode 🌒, is hosted on Vercel ▲, and the codebase is available open source on GitHub. Contributions welcome!